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“A friend of The GOAT is a friend of mine…”

Livin’ Out Song Lines has taken us to some amazing places where we have met and connected with great people. Please check out our friends and collaborations below!

Chris Lauber Photography

Chris Lauber enjoyed the great fortune of shooting photos at about a dozen Jimmy Buffett concerts from 1977 thru 1989, and again in 2021. He pursued photography as a professional freelancer for more than two decades, focused mostly on sports, events, and other varied subjects that interested him. He is now working on a photo-heavy memoir of his time shooting photos at Jimmy's concerts and how those experiences changed the direction of his life. While he continues work on his own memoir, he is also helping Bob Liberman, Tour Manager for Jimmy, draft his memoir. Until those books are published, we are the exclusive distributor for Chris' fine photos, works of art likely to gain in value.

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Grateful Diver

A Lifestyle Brand with a Cause! Grateful Diver's core mission is to preserve and protect our vulnerable environmental resources by bringing together determined, passionate, outdoor enthusiasts who share a deep value and appreciation for the natural world. With your help, Grateful Diver and Reef Relief can make giant strides to help educate individuals about the importance of environmental conservation and to preserve the environment around us, now and for future generations. Join us and be a Grateful Diver!

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